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Zhong Yang Huong
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Born in Guangzhou, China in 1949, Zhong – Yang Huang was raised in an artistic family environment. His talents were recognized very early, and at the age of four he received formal instruction in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy techniques.

At 15, in the midst of sweeping political change, Zhong –Yang Huang was forced to leave school and work as a laborer in the country. Although in exile for ten years he continued to paint avidly. When he was allowed to return home Yang was accepted at Guangdong Province Art and Craft Academy. In 1978 following graduation, he entered the M.A. program at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Graduating with a Masters Degree in 1981, he stayed on as an instructor. Later in 1984 he traveled to Canada as a visiting student, earning his second Masters Degree in Fine Art from the University of Regina. Granted immigrant status he is now happily settled in Canada with his family.

Although immersed in Canadian culture for more than 15 years, his work continues to be influenced by his past experience and Chinese history itself. From Empress Cixi to Mao Zedong, China was ruled by forceful personalities. Yang views their lives and stories through the eyes of suffering endured by his own family. These historical figures have become a fascinating artistic vehicle through which to express his creativity and emotion.

Print Shown: Chinese New Year

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