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Tom Lovell's view of history is an intensely personal one, for he holds a special spyglass to long-ago events, a delicate piece of equipment which enables him to see what other might miss. His optical lens is his mind's eye, a lens ground by constant education and polished by imagination.

Tom has been packing his sketchbook with him since he was nine years old. He grew up in New Jersey and took that pad with him often when he visited the Natural History Museum. "Even then I was a student of the American Indian", says Tom. But when he became a professional illustrator, no one was interested in drawings of Native Americans. Illustrators had to do pictures as showcases for stories, and Lovell was especially good at that. He made his living at it for nearly forty years. "We were never to reveal or tell the whole plot", that artist recalls. "And yes, we DID always read the story. Our job was to make people appear attractive and interesting. We'd get the manuscript and read and reread it and make roughs and submit them to the editors. Many illustrators had yearly contracts with magazines and had so many pictures to do. Illustrators have to be disciplined and learn how to research." Discipline and research continue to be the driving force behind every project Tom Lovell undertakes. They also help explain why he is today in the front rank of artists.

After a long career as an illustrator, Lovell was commissioned to do paintings of the Southwest for the Abell-Hangar Foundation in 1969. The fourteen paintings are now on permanent display at the Permian Basing Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas. He also has commissioned works at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Tom currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Pink. Tom puts in long days planning, sketching and painting accompanied with his Siamese "Dusty".

Print Shown: Professor Lowe's Balloon

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