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Terry Redlin
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Born in 1937 on a farm near Watertown, S. Dakota, at the end of the depression, Terry Redlin's early years can be drawn with stark simplicity. Always outdoors, both parents and teachers remember young Terry as an incurable daydreamer. However, hew excelled in the school's art courses.

Then, tragically, one event changed the course of his life. A motorcycle accident in 1953 resulted in the loss of his leg. No longer to be actively playing outdoors, at age 15 his world seems shattered. The young Terry began to recover and did return to the outdoors with a new set of priorities. His life was redirected from an emphasis on the excitement of the moment, to the challenge of capturing his experiences through a new medium of line, form and color. A career had been born out of the inscrutable circumstances of life and without a conscious understanding of what had transpired.

Terry Redlin now lives on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, doing what he does best.

Print Shown: Evening Solitude

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