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Terry Isaac
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Terry Isaac has had an amazing rise in popularity. Not too long ago, nobody knew who he was, and now, his prints are all allocated by Mill Pond Press, even though his issue size has been raised to 1500.

He is amazingly humble, fun loving, and out-going. By being out in the field and observing the habitat and environments of the animals he gets ideas for his paintings. He enjoys the outdoors and feels that part of the creative process is being out in the woods camping and hiking. Doing art is his lifestyle. Terry lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife and two cats.

Terry is a wildlife artist and has taught art in the Oregon school system. He paints wildlife art with environment themes. Robert Bateman has been his inspiration. He considers Bateman his mentor and friend. It was his recommendation that made Mill Pond Press aware that maybe the time was right to publish Terry Isaac.

His rise in popularity is a mystery to Terry. He can't think of anything he would rather be doing than combining art and nature into a picture. He arranges his pictures so they fit together into a design that is balanced, has rhythm and movement.

Print Shown: Cumberland Sound

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