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Few artists can duplicate the emotional depth Steve Hanks achieves in his spectacular watercolors. Each painting is meticulously drawn with great attention to detail, reflecting a moment in time, often a token of the artist's memory. The viewer's reward is a grand interconnectedness with the artist's favorite moments, all familiar to our own experiences as well.

Hanks, whose artwork primarily reflects women and children, spent his childhood on the coast of California. His inspiration to paint developed in his later teens, after his family moved from Ventura County, to New Mexico. Away from the ocean and his friends, Steve found comfort in drawing and painting. After graduating from high school, Hanks entered the University of California at Berkeley in the 1960s. Later, he attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.

In 1973, Hanks began publishing a few of his originals as stone lithographs, posters, and limited edition prints. Today, represented by Hadley House, Steve Hanks continues to paint numerous, beautiful works that reflects a mastery of form and an intricate involvement with light. Highly detailed and realistic, his watercolors urge the viewer to become part of the creative process. Mr. Hanks is passionate about life and passionate about art. "I try to capture a certain introspective solitude in my figures", he comments, "and deal with a vulnerability that all of us, sometimes, feel."

A proud father of three, the artist often paints his children. Two such prints, "An Innocent View" and "Things Worth Keeping", were named among the nation's 25 most popular limited edition prints.

Print Shown: The Thinkers

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