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"At night, after my campfire has subsided to glowing coals, I climb up on a rock to listen to the earth, moon and stars. I listen, not expecting to hear anything, but in awe of creation, becoming part of the sacred silence. This feeling carries over into my art. I want to show that the surrounding environment is as important as the animal or bird in it." Stephen Lyman's words reflect his deep emotional commitments to the majestic mountains and untamed wildlife he captures on canvas.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest by a family that regularly hiked the Snake River country, Lyman's love of the great indoors comes naturally. He, his wife Andrea, and their two sons live in northern Idaho. The family's closest neighbors are the moose, deer, coyote and bear that often stroll through the backyard. Another place Lyman calls home is Yosemite National Park. He has made more than 25 trips to Yosemite and continues to visit the park twice every year. For two to three weeks at a time he explores the vast wilderness by himself, constantly amazed by the great variety of plant and animal life. Two fine art posters based on his works have been issued in conjunction with the Yosemite Association to benefit the park.

Lyman studied at the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, and upon graduation worked in commercial illustration in Los Angeles. Finding country life more inspiring, he settled in Idaho and devoted two years to discovering and developing his distinctive painting style. His work has won well-earned respect, and is frequently selected to appear in international juried shows, including the "Wildlife in Art" show and the prestigious annual "Birds in Art" exhibition.

" All of my paintings have their origins in my experience of beauty in the wilderness", says Lyman. "John Muir, the great naturalist, once said, 'Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.' I know exactly what he meant."

Print Shown: Return of the Falcon

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