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Pat D'Alton was born in Waukegan, Illinois, in 1961, the son of a painter. He grew up in Chicago and later moved with his family to New Mexico. Pat received a degree in business from the University of New Mexico, where he was also an All-American in track. Since that time Pat has pursued the efforts of his greatest talent; expressing himself with acrylic art.

Pat's paintings are indeed powerful. They have been described as "vibrant, profound and emotional". His use of colors, shadows, and bold composition combine for truly striking images in who's faces hold expressions of deep emotion such as love, passion, sincerity and profound truth. They seem to take on a life of their own, even differing from Pat's original intention. "I start with a general idea, and as I work, the painting dictates its own direction, sometimes toward what I had in mind, sometimes totally different. It is an adventure every time I start a painting." D'Alton's aim is to evoke some kind of reaction in those who view his works.

When asked about the strong emotions in his works, Pat replied... "When I walk out on the open mesas of New Mexico, it is easy for me to see why this is called the 'Land of Enchantment'. Spirits from thousands of years ago are picked up by the warm winds and blow through me and pierce me to my very soul. I breathe them into my lungs and they become a part of me that struggles to be seen. Some of these spirits have a passion as strong as the winds that carry them. As an artist, it is my opportunity to let these emotions materialize in the form of paintings of ancient spirits. My artwork is a very emotional process of discovery, and by looking at one of my paintings, perhaps one can find something of themselves in it."

For D'Alton, painting is not only a means of self expression. It is a way of life. An end in itself. "When I'm painting, nothing else matters. It's as if something is flowing through me and the paint on the cnvas is an expression of that force."

Print Shown: Stands Alone


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