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L. Gordon is a collector of beauty. Fortunately for his legions of admirers, he is a very generous collector who shares and even enhances the beauty he finds in locales around the world. His soft, yet vibrant paintings are a blend of places the artist has seen and others he imagines.

"My paintings are my feelings about a place as much as they are about what the place actually looks like," says Gordon. "If I find a subject I like, I'm not restricted by what I see. If the trees are small, and I imagine them more lush and tall, then I paint them that way. There is real joy in recreating the feelings I experienced by painting the scene as it looked to my soul."

Gordon studied art in high school and college before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean conflict. Stationed in Munich, Germany, he continued his art education at the prestigious Munich Academy of Fine Arts, while taking in the inspiring sights of Europe for the first time.

Although he takes his inspiration from locales as diverse as New Orleans, New York, and the Riviera, his paintings are never a photo image of a place, but rather a blending of places he has been and the feelings they evoked within him.

With their reminiscent quality, Gordon's paintings provide the beauty and serenity too often absent today. L. Gordon has touched the hearts of people everywhere who wish to experience the joy of the world's beauty and the serenity of the soul.

Print Shown: The City Park

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