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Julie Kramer Cole
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Sketching my way through many years of being a Denver free-lance fashion illustrator, I found that an artist must respond to many art directors, be "on call", innovative, distinctive and timely to "Get this out". Usually having to deal with a rushed schedule. I learned rather quickly that drawing-board time is very valuable and today I'm thankful for the discipline of those commercial years.

True, every working day creating fine art is not always equally productive, but something will be achieved or a decision will be made. I fell fortunate to be able to "settle in" and produce art without having to be loftily smitten with an idea or touched by lightning. I hesitate to declare just how long it takes to complete a particular piece of art in that I, as an artist, work many hours before ever putting pencil to paper. From perhaps visiting the legend on a historical marker to sharing the vast sunsets of the Colorado Rockies, my observations are compiled, edited, filed, reshaped and arranged in my mind so that when I begin to work on a piece I generally know what experience I want to execute and how I'm going to do it. I seldom give up on a piece of problem art, staying with it until the mood swings another way or the experience changes. I never consider my work "finished". I could be dabbled on forever and so it lives on for me. When I reach a point of personal satisfaction, I then let the artwork go.

- Julie Kramer Cole

Print Shown: When Silence Warns


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