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Judy Larson of Lake Elsinore, California is a member of a small but select group of artists who routinely work in the medium of both scratchboard and camouflage. She has been dedicated to her work for many years, but her focus on the scratchboard/camouflage technique began only a few years ago when she was commissioned to do a wildlife piece by a client. That initial endeavor has led her to pursue the presentation of other more complex wildlife subjects.

Art in its many forms has come almost naturally to Judy Larson. Born into a family of artists, she began as a child to develop her skills and techniques. As a youngster, when she was supposed to be in bed sleeping, she would take a flashlight and do sketches and simple drawings under her bed covers. Her father, as a successful commercial artists all his life, worked in a home studio where Judy would observe his work, marveling at the magnificent creations that would flow from his hand onto his sketchboard. As she pointed out, "the whole family were artists of one kind or another. Uncles, Aunts and cousins, it seemed that everyone in our family on both sides were blessed with some level of artistic talent. So, I guess I came by it naturally, "says Judy. "if artists aren't born, their exposure to the craft on a daily basis must rub off... at least it did with me."

Larson received her Bachelors of Science degree in Commercial Art in 1968. She worked in the field for several years, serving as an art director, illustrator and advertising designer. Sixteen years ago she relocated to Lake Elsinore and opened her own studio. Judy has exhibited in numerous competitions and shows and is recognized throughout the United States. Her work is represented in private collections from the Mideast to New Zealand.

Print Shown: Silent Spring

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