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One of Britain's leading artists, John Seerey-Lester crossed the Atlantic recently to live and paint in the United States. Working mainly in oils on canvas, his paintings depict East African and North American wildlife. Over the years, his popularity has spread to many countries, and his work is now sought the world over by private collectors and dealers alike.

Born in England, John Seerey-Lester trained in art at Salford Technical College and undertook his first professional commission at the age of 13 after taking first prize in a United Kingdom national art competition. A freelance artist for many years, he turned to easel art full time after several successful one-man shows. Earlier, his subject matter varied considerably, ranging from aviation, landscapes and portraits of nobility to international sports.

Nature now dominates Seerey-Lester's canvases. His interest in wildlife began after visits to the more remote parts of souther Europe and Africa. He continues to travel extensively studying wildlife in its natural habitat. It is this authenticity which makes his paintings so popular with knowledgeable wildlife art collectors.

Seerey- Lester's art has aided many charities, in particular the World Wildlife Fund. One of his exhibitions in Great Britain was officially opened by renowned ornithologist and artist, Sir Peter Scott, and was held on behalf of the Fund. The exhibition sold out on the second day, raising thousands of dollars for the preservation of endangered species.

Print Shown: Sister Arctic Wolves

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