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Jay J. Johnson
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There are several things setting Jay J. Johnson apart from the pack. First and foremost is the art itself. Johnson seeks to go beyond depicting the everyday splendor of the wilderness and wildlife he knows so well. He goes one step further, waiting to immortalize a scene only when everything - the light, the animals, and the environment - is captured in the "perfect moment".

In his art, Johnson adds the artistry to the natural beauty of the scene. One of Johnson's first prints was "Wolf Creek" in which the wolves are always moving, not posing. "Wolves are always prowling around, so it's a natural way to show them." Johnson's choice of wolves was a heartfelt one. "When I look at wolves, I see something mysterious and intelligent", Johnson explains. "They're very alert, strong, and ready for action. Because of all those things, wolves are captivating."

Johnson's attractiveness is conveyed through his artistry, created over many years of study, exploration, and research. "I believe I've covered more distance under my own power than any other artist in the United States", he says.

" I hope that, through my paintings, people can see things the way I do and appreciate what they might otherwise have passed by. Nature has enormous value, far more than anything we have created, and I like to draw attention to that." - Jay Johnson

Print Shown: Winter Thaw

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