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As a young artist, Gary J. Keimig quickly gained a successful reputation with his art, and his work has matured during the years until he has now become one of the major artists in the Rocky Mountain Region. He is known as a man who captures the glory, excitement, grandeur and adventure of nature. His work relates the overwhelming love of nature that has always prompted Gary to paint.

Gary was born to a pioneer Wyoming family and spent his earliest years on the Keimig ranch near Jay Em, Wyoming. At an early age, the family moved to Casper, where Gary's kinship to nature was nurtured by the opportunity to grow up south of Casper along the base of Casper Mountain. Often, Gary trekked over the foothills and the mountain developing the love for the outdoors that he now portrays so diligently through his art work.

Gary is a self-taught artist whose use of media includes oil, pen and ink, acrylic and watercolor which is his favorite and most popular among collectors. Gary's use of watercolor is unique in that he uses transparent watercolors as both washes and mixed with white tempera. His watercolors have the look of "oil". His style is realistic, personal, and factual.

Gary has been involved in many one-man shows throughout the Rocky Mountain region. He has been invited and has attended a number of National Western and Wildlife Invitational shows and has won numerous awards for his work. Gary has had work reproduced in such publications as Wyoming Wildlife, Fur-Fish-Game, National Parkways- guidebooks and calendars, Trailwest Cards, High Country News, Wyoming Field Science publications; Biological Sciences Curriculum Studies- biology book illustrations and a college botany book for the University of California, as well as illustration work in numerous books and publications nationwide. His work is shown in a number of reputable galleries throughout the United States.

" I moved to Northwest Wyoming in 1978, where I found an extremely unique area with a real variety in wildlife and habitat. This is a vast region of mountains and massive glaciers, crystal lakes and thundering cascades. Huge herds of elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mule deer, moose and grizzly grace the landscape. It is a land of a thousand voices and is filled with the creature presence of God. It is a fragile land that cries out to the soul. Seek is out on its terms and it will capture your spirit. You will return and return and still you will not get enough.

I was touched by that spirit as a young boy and through my paintings I try and touch others. I consider my paintings successful when the viewer is equally touched and in turn catches a glimpse of that enduring spirit of wilderness and meaning within himself."

Print Shown: Tree Poster

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