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Dennis D Dunn
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Growing up in the rural mountain area west of Denver Colorado in Evergreen, Dennis’ environment made his imagination explore and he often would draw his daydreams.  As a child often times being snowed in with no television reception, he would draw outlines for his brothers and sister so they would have something to color in.  His passion for drawing lead him to fool around with paints and brushes until he taught himself how to paint.  He sold his first picture at the age of 14 to a Jr. High School Teacher.  Over the years he has worked to develop his skills by studying and emulating his favorite artists such as Frederick Remington and Charles Russell.  Still today his skills and talents are constantly evolving and with every project something is learned and gained to make him a better artist.
Living a western lifestyle where the family had horses and other farm animals, influenced Dennis’ ability to paint wildlife and nature. Although, his wide range of interests account for the diversity of his subject matter such as motorcycles and cars.  Dennis prefers to paint in acrylic but his diverse talent allow him to use many other mediums and has developed colored pencils into his own style he calls waxing.
“Life seamed to always force me down some other road than being an artist but I always maintained my passion for art and would find the time to incorporate it into my work.  I  always look at everything through my artist eye and  with the purchase of the Gallery I now intend to focus on my own artwork and develop that with the business.”
Married since 1981, Dennis and his wife Joan live in the Denver area.  Dennis purchased the Wild Eye Gallery in Evergreen in 2004 and continues to pursue his passion for painting and thearts.    


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