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Bev Doolittle
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Her paintings have been described as whimsical realism, camouflage and spirit paintings. She feels they are more than this. "The earth is beautiful and exciting, and I am blessed that I can explore it," says Doolittle. "I listen with my eyes. With the gift of stillness and listening comes the sense of identification." Bev Doolittle has been able to do more than identify the beauty and excitement of the earth she has shown the ability of a true artist; to put that identity into artwork.

Bev has said, "camouflage is more than color - it is movement." This artistic talent with camouflage and movement has developed greatly with Doolittle and she is very much in command of the art today. She draws your eye movement around the picture seeing one thing first, then another and another. That is the true talent of camouflage art. Multiple images in fine technique telling a story or history of true meaning.

For Bev, nature is a religion. She goes to remote and beautiful wilderness areas for spiritual refreshment as the Indians did. "There is a great mystical significance in the unspoiled wilderness" remarked Doolittle. She is fascinated with the customs and costumes of the different tribes, she also wants to portray the way these people relate to the earth and all its creatures. Many Native Americans have written to Bev commenting that she sees things the way they do. These Americans feel they are not noble savages but fellow humans and Doolittle has depicted them as such. The Native Americans feel she is drawing the vision of how the Indians see the connection of nature and man.

Prayer for the Wild Things

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